Napa 2019

Spring break 2019

Destination: California

Logan and I arrive 3/22 with a ride to Rachel’s house. Sleepy? Yes. Stay up and talk until after 1? Yes.


We got up around 9 and started the drive to Napa. The colors were beautiful and there were plenty of places to stop and take pictures of the scenery.

We couldn’t do that because we had to get to Sterling Winery for our tour.

Logan’s mom suggested it because of the sky tram.

We rode to the top and were given our own wine glasses to take on a self-guided tour. The architecture was interesting and the views from the top of the mountain were pretty. The wine pourer only laughed a little when Rachel asked what garné meant only to realize that the word was actually garnet. The wine wasn’t our favorite, but the tram was a lot of fun. Probably not worth the $35. Especially when the DD option is still $25.

Next we stopped at Castello Castle for a quick visit. We skipped the tour, but visited the emus, peacocks, and excessively feathered chickens.

These are pictures from a previous visit because apparently I didn’t take any this time. Definitely worth a stop.

We were getting a bit peckish, so we stopped at Oakville Grocery after a quick Google search by Logan. The store is very cute with sections for cheese, Olive oil, wine tasting, pastries, sandwiches, and memorabilia. We sampled wine, cheese, and olive oil and enjoyed some delicious toasted sandwiches. The store is a bit pricey, but worth a visit.

Next stop was Mumm Napa for a sparkling wine sampling. We sat in a restaurant style seating area with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the valley behind a beautiful garden.

Logan and I each got a flight of samples while Rachel had a glass of sparkling grape juice. Couvèe was my favorite.

After a full day of wine tasting, we decided to head to the store to grab flowers for Maddee and food to make for dinner. Of course we had to stop at the free wine tasting while we were there.

We arrived at Maddee’s and caught up for a bit. She suggested two spots to visit in downtown Napa. After a short drive we arrived in the cute town. We dropped in to Napastak and tasted some delicious balsamic vinaigrette. The shop also had a coffee bar and a wine tasting section. It was a very interesting store and if I had a checked bag I definitely would have come home with a bottle or two.

Maddee had suggested the rooftop bar of The Archer hotel. After waiting in line to be seated by a very bored and slightly rude hostess, we glanced at the menu. Prices were incredibly high, so we took a picture and left. Pretty spot, but not worth it for a group of poor kids.

We moved on to her next suggestion: Andaz Terrace Bar. We liked this spot much better. It was a beautiful and quiet second story bar with multiple fire pits, a waterfall, bamboo, and heat lamps. Logan got a beer and we rocked and talked in rocking chairs around a fireplace.

We walked back to Maddee’s house and she introduced us to V8 pasta. Boil the noodles in the juice and you have delicious noodles and sauce with no water. Yumm.

It was a fun day in Napa!

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