Davis and Sacramento, CA 2019

Sunday morning, we slept in then started our drive back to Davis.

We enjoyed the beautiful hills covered in moss and wildflowers on our way to the Lake Berryessa Glory Hole. This is a really pretty lake and there is a big pulloff for visitors to park and walk up to see the drain.

As we continued our drive back to Davis, Rachel suggested a stop at Berryessa Brewing Co for a flight of beers. Great spot to stop and eat some food from a food truck, or in our case, leftovers. Not my favorite beer, but the outdoor seating and the most interesting Muppet freak show taxidermy you’ve ever seen.

After our drive, Rachel wanted to show us around campus. What better way than on bikes? We found Uber electric assisted bikes on campus and, after a bit of struggle, had bikes.

We rode past a ton of interesting buildings and spent some time along the arboretum.

We parked our bikes to wander around the Econ building. Rachel told us the building is designed after the movie Inception. It’s not hard to see the connections.

We rode back to the car and drove back to town. We had to stop in to the Davis Creamery to contribute to the ice cream bracket. I’m not a tea fan, so I voted for Boston Cream Pie, but I’d bet the Earl Grey Lavendar option wins.

Their flight option is really quite lovely. If I’m remembering correctly, I had Blackberry Lavender, S’mores, Red Velvet, and The Trifecta. Yumm.

To walk off a bit of the sugar, we walked nextdoor to the John Natsoulas Art Gallery for a free visit to some of the more…interesting art of Davis. Not included here are some terrifying naked adult babies, rejection letter art, and so much more.

Entrance is free and there is free coffee and tea, so it’s definitely worth a peek.

For lunch, we stopped in to Red 88 Noodle Bar for some happy hour potstickers, fries, and my first drink of the Trinity. The FML was a bit sweet for my taste, but the prices and atmosphere are hard to beat.

That night, we hit up Three Mile Brewing for trivia with some of Rachel’s friends. Trivia was fun when we could hear the questions, but the beer left something to be desired. Not my favorite spot.

To finish out the night, we went back to Rachel’s house to drink the rest of our leftover wine. Simple, but a great way to spend the time!

The next morning was a bit of a struggle. We spent most of the morning watching videos on YouTube and playing Hanabi. Rachel and I would have played all day if we hadn’t already made plans to get sushi while we were near the fish.

Rachel, like some sort of heathen, prefers Huku to Halu. We decided to give it a shot. While I definitely still like my Golden option, the presentation here was hard to beat and Logan’s baked roll was really tasty.

To really showcase California, we had to stop in to Nugget grocery. Everything was very expensive and very California. We found cookies missing all possible allergens. Including fish. You go cookies. We also found interesting and delicious snack options including cinnamon bread that we all enjoyed for the next three days. Definitely worth a visit.

At night in Davis, what’s better to do than trivia? Monday nights are reserved for G Street Wunderbar. This is the best trivia in Davis because it’s done through Geeks Who Drink. Plus, all the locals find this bar to be a bit grungy, so it’s not very packed (or competitive). The beer here is really expensive, but both drinks I got were delicious. My absolute favorite of the trip was the Campfire Stout. Get it now.

We scored 4th out of 6 teams, but since one of the top three teams were employees, we placed. Free pitcher for us! Woo!

After trivia, we headed home for an early night so we could hit the road early the next day to Sacramento.

Tuesday morning we drove out to Sacramento; the city of trees. We started in Old Town where we just walked around the wooden walkways. All the shops are really interesting and we poked around in a Disney fine art shop as well as the entrance to a tattoo parlor.

If you walk one block down, you can get a great view of the Tower Bridge.

The city is very pretty with sculptures, plants, and fountains everywhere you look. The super sketchy alley we were let out on from out parking garage ended on a street with some very… interesting… art.

On the same street is the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament which is worth a stop.

Just a block or two further is City Park. Rachel tells us there are many/several types of trees and she’s not kidding. There were fruit trees, roses, palm trees, red woods, cacti, whomping willows, red trees, rainforest gardens, hedges, and so much more.

Challenge: can you spot Logan in one of the pictures?

Logan had a hankering for fish and chips, so he found us a place for lunch. Streets of London Pub was a fun place to hang out and play darts. Turns out I’m terrible. Logan and Rachel did pretty well though. The food left something to be desired though and soon we were on our way to a Geo cache Logan had found for us.

We still had some time to kill on our way to the next spot, so we stopped at a dog park. The three of us hung out in the small dog park for a few minutes and meet Cream Puff and 14 of her little friends.

Finally, 4 o’clock hit and we could make our way to Snug for a cocktail. The bar is small, but very fancy with velvet armchairs and lots of plants. All of the drinks were tasty and very posh.

For dinner, we choose a slightly cheaper option in Davis. El Burrito is cheap and comes with all you can eat chips and salsa. And there are lots of options for salsa, so it’s easy to eat your fill here. Highly suggest.

We were soon headed to trivia, but had a few more stops on the way. First was Wiki Bar which is a small tiki bar in the side of a Best Western. Not my favorite spot, but had to stop in for the second Trinity drink.

For the third and final Trinity drink we walked over to City Hall Tavern. On the way, we walked over the very sparkliest sidewalk in Davis and Rachel demanded that it be mentioned. We had to go nextdoor to their restaurant because bars are only sometimes open in Davis. I must say, the Trinity isn’t all that alcoholic and is so sugary that it will probably give you a hangover. Stick to regular drinks in my opinion.

We had a little more time before trivia and Rachel highly suggested University of Beer for Logan. Rachel and Logan each got a tiny taster while we avoided an acquaintance of Rachel’s. Fun spot to try a huge variety of beers for sure.

Trivia this night took place at Sophia’s.We sat outside under some heaters and squished seven of us around a small table. We completed with some of Rachel’s friends against a team of people we played with a few nights prior. Logan and Ben held us afloat while the rest of us laughed at a drunk opponent being ejected from the bar by his own team. We certainly didn’t win, even with the knowledge of the boys, but we did win a bottle of wine. As did our opponents. I was confused when they offered their bottle of wine to us until I tasted it. I don’t like wine. But this was repulsive.

We finished the bottles together and when the rain began to fall we all headed nextdoor for some cookies. Not my favorite trivia or bar, but we had a great time.

Insomniac Cookies was a great, late night, drunk stop. The whole gang got cookie sandwiches. Very delicious and open until 3, but not as good as Cream. The poor working man was very kind to a rambunctious group.

I love visiting Davis, but definitely plan on doing some trivia.

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