Sudden Ireland Trip with Mollie May 2019 (NYC Edition)

Jeff’s passport didn’t come. Mollie and Jeff are sad. I’m pretty damn excited!

On the plane, we asked an important question: can you hear thunder on an airplane? Anyone? Our flight attendant has only heard it close to takeoff or landing…

We arrived at JFK at 5:30 AM and sleepily decided to make the trip into Manhattan. Just getting out of the airport was a nightmare. The AirTrain was shut down and we finally found a bus to get to terminal 4 to drop off our bags. We soon realized there were no signs, so we worked together with another traveler to figure out when to get off.
We dropped off our bags, then hopped back on a bus, then another bus, then finally the subway.

People watching was top notch. I was very impressed by the people sleeping, but never missing their stop. I can’t even imagine raising a kid in the city, but there they were.

Mollie told me I was supposed to try bagels and pizza, so we stopped at Pick A Bagel. We walked our bagels into Central Park and ate them at The Mall with a street performer making giant bubbles.

Next we wandered over to the Balto statue for some good old fashioned make believe dog sledding.

I was impressed by how many rock formations there were in the park. I expected the whole thing to be flat and mowed, but there were pagodas and gazebos up on hills and in along foliage.

We wandered around the park and decided to turn back about 3 miles in. We walked back by the pond and appreciated some man sized cherubs on the Bethesda Fountain. The Bethesda Archway right behind the fountain had intricate art on the ceiling tiles and the street performer music echoed beautifully.

I’m not a big city person, but Central Park made it quite nice.

But… I couldn’t leave New York City workout one more stop. Times Square was only a few blocks from our subway station, so we walked over. As expected, the streets got busier and we got bolder crossing streets. We clutched our purses and joined the ogglers oggling the Times Square Ball. Holy moly. It’s miniscule.

Well, not really. But certainly not as big as I expected. Definitely not my scene, but I’m glad I can say I went.

We hopped back on the subway and realized we had walked almost 8 miles. We soon joined the masses in snoozing between stops.

Whirlwind day in NYC complete. Off to Ireland!

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